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Marcin Nacz - Poland

Car History

Story with my Galant started back in 2016 when after two years of searching in Poland I decided to import the car from Switzerland. I took so long because I was strictly after a second facelift, black or blue 2.5 V6 wagon with panoramic roof in Avance package, which as it turned out later does not exists (there were no factory Avance with panoramic roof).

Finally, in the spring of 2016 I found a black Elegance, factory equipped with TCL, ASC and a full Nardi Torino interior (steering wheel, shift knob, parking brake lever and even headrests with holes). I bought it based on 6 photos from the auction, so a bit blind. When it had finally arrived it turned out that the car was quite neglected inside and there was rust all over the underbody and suspension. Luckily the engine and gearbox were in a great shape, mileage was low and overall condition was way beyond what I could find in Poland. I wanted to do a quick underbody restoration, maybe 2 or 3 weeks  ...and so the Galant cut full year out of my life, pulled me like an anchor to the financial bottom, swept my social life and eat all my holidays and weekends.

I will not write about what was done, because I did everything that has to be done mechanically on the car. The chassis, after unscrewing what I could (suspension, fuel system with a tank, brake system, exhaust, bumpers, side skirts) was grinded to the bare sheet metal and sealed with primers and underbody protective products. Most of the parts were sandblasted and powder coated, some of them rebuild from stainless steel (fuel filler, filter mounts, etc.). Braking system has been fully restored (new brake pistons, seals, new rigid and flexible braided lines), the car has been soundproofed inside, the entire front suspension has been replaced with CTR, the rear has been fully restored with polyurethane bushings. I’ve spent 3 weeks in my garage doing a 2-3-step paint, lamps and windows polish.

I’m not a mechanic, most of these things I did myself for the first time.
You can check rebuild progress photos on my IG page, but that’s not even half of the work that has been done to this car:

Not too much mods yet, because for now I’ve focused on building a solid platform for future upgrades and bringing it to a perfect mechanical condition. Visual tuning is not my thing so I don’t plan on doing aggressive body or stance modifications. I’m more after good handling and sleeper look so brakes and suspension are my priority. Below is a short list of current mods:


- Bilstein B8 shock absorbers
- H&R springs (-70mm / -40mm)
- Stabilizer and suspension polyurethane bushings
- VR-4 front strut
- Cusco rear strut


- Brembo Evo 9 big brake kit front + rear
- Pizza Brakes discs (2-piece, very light)
- Ferodo Sport DS2500 pads front + rear
- Hel custom braided brake lines
- New copper rigid brake lines
- RBF 660 brake fluid


- Buddy Club P1 18 x 8.5 + Michelin Pilot Sport 4 225/40 (daily, track day wet)
- Braid Full Race A 18 x 8 + Extreme VR2 225/40 semi slicks (track day dry)
- 4x114 to 5x114 hub swap from Eclipse 2g


- Legnum VR-4 headlights (jap to eu reflector swap)
- Osram LED T4W LEDriving 4000K bulbs
- Osram Night Braker Laser + 150% H1, H3, H7 bulbs
- Full Avance package (front bumper, halogen lights, grill, side skirts, rear bumper side skirts)
- Trunk lid with spoiler integrated stop light swapped from GDI Sport Wagon
- Fog, headlights and rear lamps polished
- 3-stage paint correction
- Windshield polished
- Automatic folding side mirrors connected to car remote key


- Full oem Nardi Torino package (steering wheel, A/T knob, parking brake lever, headrests with holes)
- High Contrast Dash
- Additional oil temp and oil pressure gauges
- Soundproofing of the floor, doors, wheel arches and trunk with STP GOLD alubutyl mats and GMS-022R 6mm butyl foam (about 40 kg)
- Audio System X165EM Evo2 front + CO165 EVO rear speakers
- Full interior detailing, washing the entire velour upholstery and headlining
- Leather cleaning and regeneration


- K&N sport air filter
- Pipe from the fuel filler and fuel filter fixing made of stainless steel



Marcin Nacz - Poland


Motor compartment

Technical modifications

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